Volunteer Opportunities

OHGenWeb is an all-volunteer project. Every bit of information you find here was either donated by visitors or tracked down by County Coordinators.

We are always looking for dedicated people to help us provide genealogical and historical information that is free to our visitors.

Here are some of the ways you can help.

Lookup Volunteer

If you own or have easy access to genealogical materials, you may want to consider volunteering to do lookups in those particular resources. Lookup requests would be forwarded to your e-mail and you would respond by e-mail. To become a Lookup Volunteer, contact the County Coordinator for the county involved. You will find their contact information on their county site. You may also contact the State Coordinator.


A contributor simply shares genealogical or historical information that he has collected. This could save a lot of time for another researcher, or, at the very least, point him in the right direction to find what he needs. To contribute information, contact the County Coordinator for the county involved. You may also contact the State Coordinator.


Many OHGenWeb sites are in need of people to help transcribe census records, older research materials - a variety of items. Requirements are a good eye, a steady typing hand and lots of patience. Some knowledge of HTML is helpful, but is not always necessary. To volunteer, contact the State Coordinator.

County Coordinator

County Coordinators are the people that makes OHGenWeb work. They are responsible for producing and maintaining the county websites. Requirements are a sincere interest in a particular county, a basic knowledge of HTML and FTP to maintain the website and, of course, internet access. County Coordinators also provide basic assistance to visitors, locate and transcribe data and format information provided by visitors. Age is no object — OHGenWeb has CC's as young as their 20's and as old as their 70's.

Don't let the part about knowledge of HTML scare you off — we have had CC's start off with virtually no knowledge of HTML and they have blossomed into excellent webmasters. It's not that difficult to learn. If you'd like to check it out, an excellent tutorial is at HTML Goodies. It not only covers basic HTML but can also guide you through Style Sheets and more advanced languages. And you will always have the help of all of the other OHGenWeb CC's — we're just an e-mail away.

To volunteer as a County Coordinator, check our County List to see if your county is available. If it's not or if you want to ease into it, there's always the possiblity of starting as an Assistant County Coordinator. Contact your State Coordinator to find out more about County Coordinators.

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