OHGenWeb Guidelines/Bylaws

The State of Ohio is an At Will state for employment. Volunteers fall under the category of employee under Ohio AT Will Law. In the state of Ohio an employer does not have to give notice nor reason for terminating an employee. AT Will volunteering applies to OHGenWeb county coordinators.

OHGenWeb County Coordinators are governed by OHGenWeb county guidelines/bylaws in addition to the county coordinator guidelines posted at USGenWeb Guidelines.

Bylaws for OHGenWeb

"Motion 2005 -01 -1 Passed *Meetings of the membership of the OHGenWeb Project shall occur via e-mail through the state mailing list*."

"These bylaws may only be amended by a vote of the OHGenWeb Project in which a 2/3 majority of the legal votes cast are in favor.

"Motion 2005 -01 -2 Passed *All votes cast by a member shall be either via an e-mail message they send to the state mailing list or a secret ballot through the Internet.*"

"Motion 2005 -01 -3 Passed *The affairs of the OHGenWeb Project shall be conducted in accordance with the most recent edition of the American Institute of Parliamentarians' "Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure" (aka "Sturgis"), subordinate to U.S. laws, the bylaws of the USGenWeb Project, these bylaws, and adopted rules.*"

"Motion 2005 -01 -4 Passed * "The presiding officer of the OHGenWeb Project shall be the State Coordinator and The term of office of the State Coordinator will be 3 years.*"

Before 2005: *OHGenWeb elections shall be held at least 10 days from date of notice posted on the OHGenWeb list. Anyone who is a OHGenWeb County Coordinator, designated volunteer or holds an "other position" (such as Assistant County Coordinator, State Project Coordinator, etc.) in Ohio and who is also subscribed to the OHGW list by 11:59 PM ET on the day the ballots are distributed is eligible to participate. No more than one vote per person.*

OHGenWeb county coordinators must belong to the state official mailing list for internal correspondence

OHGenWeb county coordinators must display on their main page the official OHGenWeb logo and USGenWeb logo and link them back to their appropriate sites.

OHGenWeb county coordinators must display the current year and copyright info on their main page.

OHGenWeb county coordinators must make sure a submission to their county project is not a copyright infringement. Items written before 1880 are considered to be public domain.

OHGenWeb Mail List Code of Ethics

  1. Posts to the OHGenWeb mail list (the list) should be held to subjects of interest and help to other Ohio County Coordinators (OCCs), the Ohio State Coordinator (OSC) and Assistant Ohio State Coordinators (AOSCs) in performing their duties. This would include any subject that will enable an OCC, OSC or AOSC to improve an OHGenWeb based website or this OHGenWeb mail list.

  2. If one OCC disagrees with another OCC (or the OSC or AOSC) over any matter, it will be discussed in a respectful manner. There will be no name calling, belittling or degrading of any one person or group of persons, or their ideas expressed on this list, by any other person. Discussions should remain within the context of the discussion at hand, and differing opinions should be stated without becoming hateful or insulting.

  3. Occurrence of an infraction will be determined by the OSC and/or AOSC. OCC's may notify the appropriate OSC and/or AOSC, if they feel they, or their ideas, have been unjustly attacked or ridiculed. In order to be considered, this should be done in private rather than sending the complaint back to the list, which only adds fuel to the fire.

  4. If infractions are determined to have occurred the following steps will be taken:
    a.) The OSC or OASC will send a private post to the infractor, requesting the action cease. If the infraction continues, after sending a private communication to the infractor:
    b.) The OSC or OASC will send a public post to the list, requesting the action cease. If the infraction continues after posting a public communication to the list::
    c.) The infractor will lose all list privileges for a period of one week (seven calendar days) from date of the second infraction, which includes posting privileges and receipt of the list. Notice of this action shall be sent to the infractor and to the list. The link from the Ohio state county link page to that county web will remain intact. At the end of that week, the OSC or OASC will then contact the infractor as to their willingness to cooperate with the above code. If necessary, a discussion will take place on this list.

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