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 on: July 08, 2011, 09:11:04 AM 
Started by nanab - Last post by nanab
I am searching for any information on William Ross Ray born 23 August 1828 in Ohio.
I have no county listed for his birth.
Any information is really appreciated.
Thank you

 on: June 21, 2011, 12:16:38 PM 
Started by cosmo254 - Last post by cosmo254
Trying to locate Joseph Bysong  (Beysong) and more information on any of the three women he married.
1. Anna Spycher, Dec 30, 1831. Buffalo, NY
2. Ann Marie Hauck, Oct. 23, 1851, Holmes Co., OH
3. Lydia ?, 1857, either Ohio or Colorado.

 on: June 18, 2011, 04:02:12 PM 
Started by neko - Last post by neko
I'm seeking an EARLY Ohio vital records index online. so far, I've been unsuccessful. does anyone know of one?

I am seeking a death record for my gr., gr., gr. grandmother, Hannah Smith Cross, who is buried in Massilon cemetery, Stark Co., Ohio.
her tombstone gives her death date as
30 Aug 1874
her last known residence, 1870, is Navarre, Stark, Ohio.

I have her death notice. unfortunately no obituary seems to exist for her. her husband predeceased her and most of her children moved away or predeceased her. she could have died at one of their homes. the children who survived the Civil War were;

Joseph Aubrey Cross of Lancaster, PA
Maria Ann Cross Johnston of Navarre, OH
Hannah Lydia Cross Beck of Navarre, OH
James Cross of Lancaster, PA
Josiah Cross of Carondelet, MO

I have the childrens vital records, but cannot seem to find a death record for Hannah. I know the date is early, but still within the record period. I keep looking because without it I cannot be certain where she came from much less research her ancestry. did not one have to have a death record to be buried in Ohio in those days?

 on: June 07, 2011, 08:37:55 PM 
Started by dwiehe - Last post by greatyear2008
You can go to websites of Ellis Island or Castle Gardens in NY and look through immigration records there, as long as they entered the US in New York.

 on: May 28, 2011, 02:28:51 PM 
Started by lazoet - Last post by mbyers
  My next door neighbor in Oregon, Oh were Myers, Donald Myers, son Dennis and David, can't remember moms name-Virginia?, Donald Myers parents lived across the street-Cedar Point Rd. They were in their 80s at least in 1960

 on: May 28, 2011, 02:18:39 PM 
Started by mbyers - Last post by mbyers
 Hi. I'm researching on my father's side-Albert Alonzo Byers,SR. b. mar 12, 1916 in Muncie, IN., d.dec 12. 1972 in Toledo, Ohio(lived in Oregon,OH), his father was Walter Byers b. APR 18,1887 in Middlefort OH (wwII draft card)(killed in train/car collision prior to 1956) and Married to Myrtle Davis b.abt. 1880, lived in Swanton or Sylvania,OH until abt age 92. Possible father of Walter Byers is Albert Byers b mar 18,1850 in Middleport village who had a son named walter b.1887.    Any help appreciated.  I'm near Amery, Wisconsin if any one needs me to check cemetary or church records.

 on: May 28, 2011, 01:56:03 PM 
Started by injunbilly1 - Last post by injunbilly1
I recently received the results of a DNA test I had done. According to the results it seems That my Grandfather was only a Burger in name.
After comparing my Y-DNA results to some others, it seems my sample does not match with the other Burgers that are in any of the databases I have found. The closest match was was a 32 marker match to a member of the (Babb) family. At this point I think it is safe to say that My Grandfather(John Cecil Burger) took his mothers name at birth. So far I have not been able to figure out who his father might have been. even though on his Social security application his list his father as a (James Burger) and his mother as (Mary Burger-Maiden name),I dont think my grandfather ever really knew who his father actually was. I am posting my DNA results here for anyone who may be interested or might be able to shed some light on who John Burger's actual father might have been.

Genetic markers for Billy E. Burger.
Tested by: SMGFsmgf.org
YSearch dna user id link.
User Id:  J2CHC

Search for Genetic Matches > Enter Search Parameters > Search Results > Displaying User

        DYS 393       DYS 390       DYS 19/394       DYS 391       DYS 385a       DYS 385b       DYS 426       DYS 388       DYS 439       DYS 389-1   
   13      25      15      10      11      14      12      10      10      13   
   DYS 392      DYS 389-2      DYS 458      DYS 459a      DYS 459b      DYS 455      DYS 454      DYS 447      DYS 437      DYS 448   
   11      30      15      9      10      11      11      25      14      19   
   DYS 449      DYS 464a      DYS 464b      DYS 464c      DYS 464d      DYS 460      GATA H4      YCA IIa      YCA IIb      DYS 456   
   31      12      14      14      17      10      11      19      23      16   
   DYS 442      DYS 438      DYS 444      DYS 446      DYS 461      DYS 462      GATA A10      DYS 635      GAAT1B07      DYS 441   
   11      11      14      12      11      11      14      25      9      13   
   DYS 445      DYS 452      DYS 463                                             
   12      31      24                                             
Haplogroup:   R1a1
Last name:   Burger
Variant spellings:               
Tested with:   Other - SMGF
Contact person:   Billy Burger     Contact this user

Most distant known paternal ancestor on the direct male line
First Name: John Cecil    
Last Name:  Burger   
Year Born: 1902   
Year Died: 1966   
Country of Origin:   Ohio, United States

Additional information about Paternal Line:

Matching User ID J2CHC on at least 12 markers, allowing a maximum genetic distance of 0.

Check the boxes of the individuals you want to compare and then click the underlined word "COMPARE" at the top of the column

Check All Clear All
User ID   Pedigree   Last Name   Origin   Haplogroup   Tested With   Markers Compared   Genetic Distance

    Burger   Jackson township, Laredo, Ohio, USA    R1a1*    Other - SMGF    43   0
Babb   Devonshire or London, England    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    32   0
    Lawrie   Scotland    R1a1a (tested)    Family Tree DNA    25   0
    Simmons   England    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    Dugger   Unknown    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    Couch   Unknown    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    Clemons   Unknown    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    Dugger   Unknown    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    Dugger   Unknown    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    Carter   England    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    Morrell   England    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    CL;YMER   Obion, Tennessee, USA    R1a1 (tested)    Family Tree DNA    12   0
    COOPER   USA    Unknown    Family Tree DNA    12   0

 on: May 24, 2011, 08:16:15 AM 
Started by christie - Last post by christie
I am looking for information on Charles McClary Morris , Born 1874 married to Effie Dowell.  I do have a 5 generation photo of his son Emmet's oldest son , photo taken with his 5 grandmother's . ( This is written on the back of the photo by my grandmother , Merle Morris).  The photo has no other information on it. His son Emmett Morris was my grandfather. Emmet Morris raised his children in Bellefountaine Ohio and worked for the railroad. Charles Morris parents are unknown to me, possibly his middle name is his mother's maiden name ? Thank you for looking and for any help Wink Christie

 on: May 21, 2011, 07:14:28 AM 
Started by sparklebutt - Last post by sparklebutt
I have been having a problem getting Ohio Genforum to post so I will try it here.
 :)I am trying to trace my SUMMER line. All the information I have at the moment is JOHN SUMMER wife unknown. He was a native of Pennsylvania but not sure when he was born. He had 3 sons and 3 daughters. They were DANIEL,CHARLES,ANDREW,BETSY,SUSAN, and LUCINDA. LUCINDA married JEREMIAH CURL. They are my great great grandparents and natives of Ohio. Their children were SYNTHIA JANE,SARAH DELILAH,THOMAS ANDREW,JEREMIAH A, and JOHN WILLIAM. JOHN married DELCINA LANE. They are my great grandparents.
If anyone has any information on these people it would be very much appreciated. I have been working on this name for about 20 years and this is the most recent information I have found.

 on: May 12, 2011, 10:22:42 PM 
Started by cherylsauntie - Last post by cherylsauntie
I have been looking for my paternal Grandfather, Lehman Lawrence Lynch. who we think resided in Ohio for many years, probably in
the Cleveland area.  We also would like to try and find out any info we can on his siblings, parents, and grandparents.
Basically, the little info we know about these people are as follows:

Great Great Grandparents:
Patrick Lynch
Unknown Lynch (spouse)

Great Grandparents:
Lawrence James Lynch (born in Ohio)
Ella M. Vandecar born MAY 1853 in Michigan
Lehman Lawrence Lynch born 2 JUL 1884 in Lumberton, Michigan
  We know Lehman married Rose M. Morrin in Williamsburg, Iowa
Beulah Ellen Lynch born 4 APR 1886
  We know Beulah married Walter T. Schultz
Francis Emmett Lynch born 30 AUG 1889
  We know nothing about Francis
Ethleen Philomena Lynch born 17 May 1891
  We know Ethleen had a daughter named Marie Laurine born in 1910

We know that Rose and Lehman divorced sometime between 1920 and 1925.
We know that Lehman was living in Cleveland in 1942 by a copy of his Draft Registration
Card from World War II that I found on a geneology website.

If any descendents of the above people are out there, we would love to hear from you
to try and learn more about our relatives that we never knew existed until just recently.

Please contact me at

Thanks Much!

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